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Have you or a loved one been diagnosed with mesothelioma or lung cancer from asbestos exposure? You may be entitled to financial compensation.  Please call us today to get the facts.  Toll Free 1-866-777-2557 or simply fill out our online contact form below and a Freeland Pennsylvania Mesothelioma Lawyer will contact you to answer your questions.  Did you know that there is money set aside in Asbestos Trust Funds to help victims suffering from these terrible diseases?  You can use this money to help pay for medical treatment and bills, as well as provide financial security for your loved ones.  Operators are standing by.  Please call now.

Mesothelioma Attorney Pennsylvania

If you or a loved one have been diagnosed with Mesothelioma, you don't have to fight it alone.  We are here to help you.  Below are some questions families typically have about the process.


How much does it cost?

We have a no fee guarantee which means there are no legal fees or costs to you unless you receive money at the end of the case.  This means you have nothing to lose.

Do I have to sue or go to court?

No.  There is over 20 billion dollars set aside in court ordered trust funds.  This money is set aside for victims of asbestos exposure and their families.  It can be used to make sure you get the best medical treatment money can buy.  You can also use the money to provide security your family in the future.

What is mesothelioma?

It is a rare form of cancer that is only caused by exposure to asbestos.

Who is at risk for developing mesothelioma?

Anybody who has been exposed to asbestos can develop this deadly disease.  However, some are at more risk than others including workers in Navy Shipyards, Mills, Carpentry, Roofing, Automotive, Insulation and Construction.

My loved one has passed, do I still have a claim?

You may still be entitled to financial compensation even after your loved one has passed away.

If you or your family have further questions, please visit our frequently asked questions page or simply call us Toll Free for a free consultation.  1-866-777-2557.

An Alternative Method to Handle Mesothelioma

Mesothelioma steals lives, time, and expectations from men and women around the world. The conventional treatment procedures typically don't save lives because of the later diagnosis and the extremeness of the sickness, on the other hand hope is available in the form of new treatment plans. New medical treatments are available in the form of prescriptions, photodynamic therapy, and immunotherapy, and these fresh techniques offer extra tools for opposing this cancerous/intense illness. This article delivers an overview of up and coming mesothelioma treatment plans, with the motive of demonstrating further plans and giving hope.

Research workers are evaluating different drug treatments that could enrich the life quality of mesothelioma victims, which includes different functions for old prescriptions. Platar, a medication that's administered into the pleura, or protective layer around the lungs, has shown mesothelioma remission in a few occurrences, eliminating issues with comparable medicines. Lovastatin, including a mixture of angiostatin and endostatin have revealed attractive outcomes, these medicines change up the growth of blood vessels, and appear to restrict cancer progress. Lastly, there exists interferon gamma, which isnít a new anti-cancer substance, but it's been recently injected intra-pleurally, so directly to the cancer growths, in an attempt to cut down unwanted effects.

Photodynamic therapy has just lately been utilized for addressing mesothelioma, and uses light to attend to the cancerous growth. Photodynamic therapy makes use of special drugs which boost a clientís sensitivity to light. Preferably, the medicine are leveraged in a way that they build up the sensitivity to light only in troubled places. Doctors then shine a laser or UV light on the region, and with the assistance of the sensitizing medications, this will get rid of a number of malignant cells, shrinking the dimensions of growths and bettering a affected individualís signs and symptoms.

Immunotherapy is built on a clever gambit. Whilst the other methods concentrate on fighting mesothelioma from exterior of the body, immunotherapy intends for the opposite. Generally, immunotherapy intends to turn the immune system into a far more powerful defense mechanism against cancer. Immunotherapy aims to encourage the immune system to fight the cancer in question, making the body into a less than inclined host. This is performed with things referred to as monoclonal antibodies, just like interferon.

Mesothelioma can remain killing individuals, but with a combination of innovative and old methods, some hope and lives could be saved. Mesothelioma remains to be an tremendously dangerous disease with a harsh prognosis, but the tactics outlined in this post present more possibilities for its treatment. With more opportunities comes a more extensive sense of control, more expectation, and with some luck an improved end result for the ones troubled with this illness.

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